Above High Expedition

Expedition “Above High”

Project-Based Learning

Start of the Training: June 17, 2017

Expedition: August 24 – 27, 2017

Project Goal: Gerlach Peak (2655m/8709ft)

6 online workshops for 2 hours + 3 hours per week homework+ 4 day expedition

About the Project-Based Learning

Do not learn by reading. Write and learn!

Do not learn by listening. Speak and learn!

Do not learn by getting. Create and learn!

Do not learn by watching. Act and learn!

Do you want to learn how to manage projects? Just organize and execute one using the methodologies and standards.

We will prepare and conduct an expedition to the highest mountain of the High Tatras, using the rules and tools of project management. But since we do not always know everything in advance in projects, the unpredictability of the mountain journey will confuse our plans.

We will implement the project and learn in practice, will make the right decisions and make mistakes, get experience and get tired in the way, and in the end... we shall overcome!

What do we do at the training?

Holding a Kickoff Meeting

Getting acquainted. Know the goals, limitations and structure of the project. Define the roles and responsibilities in the team.

Reducing the Risks

Define and analyze risks, prioritize and work out actions to reduce risks. The main goal is to return healthy, unharmed and without extra costs.

Developing a Schedule

Determine the activities - who, when and what does in order to execute the project in time.
The dates of the expedition are August 24-27.

Finding the Resources

Look for the transport, equipment, housing and everything necessary for the project. Determine and optimize the budget to meet the constraint of $130 per participant.

Creating a Road Map

Develop a short guide for the expedition: contacts of participants, departure time, meeting place, addresses of overnight stays, mountain route, road home.

Learning the Lessons

Analyze the experience and consolidate knowledge once again to use the results of the completed project in all the subsequent.


Expedition to Gerlach Peak

In addition to the fact that the team will undergo practical training in project management, it should prepare and conduct an expedition to the Slovak Tatras, climb the Gerlach Peak and take a picture at the top of the mountain. We will have to:

  1. Thoroughly plan the road to Slovakia and the mountain route to manage to climb and still have a time for recreation and entertainment.
  2. Think out and buy tickets, food, equipment and other resources so as to keep within the limited budget of the project.
  3. Carry out all the preparatory work for housing reservation, insurance, rental of equipment and other organization.
  4. Climb to the top of the Gerlach Peak (2655 m / 8709 ft) and return back happy and unharmed.


What's the result?


After the training you will be able to start projects, organize a team, plan work, schedule, reduce risks, work out a budget, monitor implementation, make decisions, achieve results and analyze the experience.

Knowledge *

You will know and understand the management methodology, processes, tools and documents necessary for the successful execution of any project.


And most importantly - your attitude to management will change. You will receive a charge of energy and will feel the strength and courage to implement any projects!

The professionals planning to pass project management certification will be able to apply 54 hours of formal project management education from a training provider type D "Training companies or consultants (e.g., training schools)"

Author and Instructor (mountains)

Author & Instructor

Anatoly Savin


  • Project Management Professional
  • Trains on real projects
  • 18 PMP’s prepared
  • Master of Science in Project Management
  • Author of the manual “Documenting the Project”
  • Microsoft Certified Professional
  • Crisis Manager
  • 20 years in the project management field



Testimonials of past expeditions

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After I saw on the Facebook the post of Anatoly Savin about the training expedition to the mountain Pop Ivan was the first thought: It is mega cool, it is necessary to participate! Am I too late, are there any free places?.. For me it was a challenge in terms of climbing one of the two-thousaners of Carpathians in the winter, as there was no experience of winter ascents before. First and foremost, non-standard and non-template of the training bribed me, namely, that the team should implement the plan they develop and should experience everything on theyself, and in rather not very comfortable conditions, rather than sitting in the chair in front of the computer... Read More >>>

I thank the organizers and participants of the expedition to the highest point of Ukraine for organizing the event at the level corresponding to the height of the summit. There were only positive impressions from the trip, with only bitterness: it's a pity that it wasn't last long! The goal of the expedition was achieved: the summit of Hoverla was conquered (in spite of the fact that the crampons were forgotten to rent - this was our only common "bug"). To be honest, I did not encounter such a combination of the theory of project management with the practice that would deliver so many pleasant emotions. As for impressions about the country and people - you can... Read More >>>

The first steps in project management and those in the mountains. A rest at the weekend was a change of the type of activity! The genus of activity is absolutely new. We started the project management training in the Expedition Project Management. I will explain as simply as possible. The received theoretical knowledge on project management will be immediately applied to the real project - the organization of climbing the mountain. Prior to this, the guys had no categorical ascents, but they was in different parts of the world! And now we pump up our knowledge and skills in PM, and the guys are pumping their alp skills. We held a kickoff and within a month... Read More >>>


Variants of participation and cost

Full Immersion

Cost: $450 per person.

Number of participants: up to 10 people.

Full participation in all workshops of the training, preparation and participation in the expedition. The cost amount is divided into two parts: $320 is a payment for participation in the training and $130 is the project budget* which the team can spends on the expedition.

The certificate of the expedition participant will be issued at the end of the training.

* The budget includes transportation costs for Slovakia and neighbor countries (Ukraine, Poland, Czech Republic, Austria and Hungary), as well as expenses for insurance, accommodation and meals during the expedition. This budget does NOT include the visas, transportation costs to the countries listed above and back, as well as personal expenses.

Oh, how interesting! But can I not go to the mountains?

Cost: $320 per person.

Number of participants: up to 10 people.

On-line participation in all workshops for the preparation of the expedition but without a trip to Slovakia.

The certificate of the expedition preparation participant will be issued at the end of the training.

I'd like to have a look only!

Any amount of money.

Number of participants: unlimited.

Support for training participants and climbing teams. In this case, you will have access to the materials and records of the training, but without personal participation in the discussion and study of the project workshops.

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