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Russian aggression against Ukraine

We are a Ukrainian team from Odesa. Russia is destroying our cities, trying to impose on us fucking “russian peace”. We will never give up our freedom! Glory to Ukraine! If you do not know the answer to this salute, do not use our site.

Project education

The #Kilimanjaring Startup Project is all about education. We call it ‘project education’ – the learning by realizing a real project: Do not learn by reading. Write and learn! Do not learn by listening. Speak and learn! Do not learn by getting. Create and learn! Do not learn by watching. Act and learn! The main […]

Concept of the expedition to Kilimanjaro

We suggest the concept of the next expedition: The goal is the Kilimanjaro summit (elevation 5’895m /19’341ft). The mountain is significant because it is on the list of Seven Summits and is the highest peak in Africa. The project will be prepared by the run-in technology the Expedition Project Management. But it will be one […]

Develop Expedition Charter

Today we held a kick-off meeting of the #Kilimanjaring Project. We did it in accordance with PMBOK#6 because we are considering the test-drive of a new Body of Knowledge as the main value of our startup project. The first process “Develop Project Charter” was the basis of this meeting: The input of this process is […]

The Agreement on the Kilimanjaring Project

I take the first step in the new PMBOK test-drive. It has now two inputs to the initiating process – business documents and agreements. Business documents include business-case and funding. Since we are going to conduct an expedition by startup technology and attract external funding, it is too early to talk about business documents. But […]

Teachable Moments: PM Tackles the Mountains

Teachable moments are formed when you have done something–regardless of the outcome–and learned from the experience. Learning makes us better at what we do and provides a great opportunity to develop others and sharpen skills. We’ve compiled our best Teachable Moments from our community members for you to learn from and share with other project […]