Expedition Guide

Expedition Guide

by Project Management Professionals

are you ready for everest?

We are certified Project Management Professionals (PMP®) decided to write an Expedition Guide to share the achievements of our profession to traveling and adventure community .

Content of the Expedition Guide
  1. Introduction
  2. Scope
  3. Terms and definitions
  4. Expedition management concepts
    • General
    • Expedition management and strategy
    • Expedition environment and  stakeholders
    • Expedition life cycle
    • Expedition constraints
  5. Expedition management processes, instruments and documents
    • Idea and Initiation
    • Planning (team, schedule, finance, logistics)
    • Safety, Responsibility and Control
    • Preparation and Execution
    • Lessons Learned and Closing
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From the Guide you will learn how to plan routes, make budgets, work with risks, plan terms in accordance with the project management standards

We are certified Project Management Professionals (PMP®). We manage projects in IT, construction and other spheres of business. We are united by a profession and hobby - mountain tourism, which inspired us to write a book. Guide on the organization of expeditions from PM professionals - Expedition Guide by PMP's.

We decided to write this book to make the complicated things of our profession simple and easy. From the book you will learn how to plan an ascension route, make a budget, work with risks, plan terms in accordance with the project management standards. All our successes and failures, will be study materials for readers.

Our goal is to convey the very essence of project management and to teach readers to use the best practices and tools of our profession for the organization of travel. The Guide on organizing an expedition from PM professionals "Expedition Guide by PMP's" contains all our project techniques and checklists.

The Guide will be useful in any project - from planning a vacation and building a bungalow for fishing to sending a person to the moon. 🙂

We are happy to share with our readers all our experience in project management and things that we learned in the complex process of preparing the expeditions to mountains.


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