During this phase in the roll-out of the Project Management System (PMS), we’re focusing on leveraging every available resource within your organization. We’re bringing in the concept of a corporate resource – essentially cataloging all your manpower and production facilities into the system as resources. This gives you a comprehensive view of resource utilization across all projects, empowering you to skillfully navigate your projects given your organization’s resource constraints.

Understanding your organization’s resource load at any given time and accurately assessing reserves is crucial. To do this, we utilize the resource critical path method and the resource management functionality of Microsoft Project (or another chosen software).

Furthermore, we offer the ability to mesh your existing inventory and material organization system with resource planning and accounting in Microsoft Project. This synergy can greatly enhance efficiency and visibility across projects.

Multi-Resource Management

An example of a report on the availability and loading of the organization’s project resources

Project Resource Management plays a pivotal role here. By effectively managing your resources, you can not only ensure projects stay on track but also maximize efficiency, reduce waste, and increase profitability.

Here’s what you can expect at the end of this phase:

  • A resource breakdown structure has been created, providing a clear picture of all available assets.
  • The organization’s resource pool has been set up, giving project managers shared access.
  • Project participant management is organized, taking into account current duties and workloads in other projects. This results in more accurate labor cost accounting and reduced resource downtime.
  • Limited resources of the organization and subcontractors have been strategically allocated across projects. An analytical process to gather information about resource constraints has been developed and implemented.
  • We’ve gained an understanding of the necessary competencies and their timing, facilitating timely engagement of external specialists or training of existing staff.
  • Transparency of resource usage has been ensured – you’ll have a clear understanding of who’s doing what and when.
This phase is slated to last 20 working days.


Our commitment as your partner: We’ll supply a business analyst and a programmer. We will provide the necessary tools and training to establish a hierarchy of corporate resources.

Your role as the client: Approve the resource hierarchy. Work with us to develop resource evaluation criteria. Appoint a representative to maintain the current state of resources in the system.