Constant changes have become a part of our life and business. How to control the ship if it storms constantly, you do not have a map and the team does not know what to do? You need to learn how to adapt to the environment. Companies that are engaged in project activities need to properly configure their system for managing internal changes and creating new products and services for the market.

PMDoc team creates navigation systems in a world full of uncertainty

We implement Project Management Systems (PMS), which includes developing a methodology, configuring software, and training personnel. The methodology will give you clear instructions, and the system will help you manage the processes of development and creation. During our training, you will gain knowledge that will help you understand the management processes and give you confidence about achieving results.

Since 2005, we have developed and implemented more than 20 Project Management Systems in various fields of activity, including construction, mining, and IT.

Our knowledge is confirmed by international certificates. Anatolii Savin, the head of the PMDoc team, is the first certified PfMP (Portfolio Management Professional) in Ukraine.

What pains and tasks can the PMDoc team solve?

  • If you don’t meet the deadlines of projects and receive penalties for not fulfilling them.
  • If your project budgets exceed the margin.
  • If your employees work unsystematically, but it is even more expensive to hire new ones.
  • If you face the same problems as our previous customers did.

We will help you to create a Project Management System, train your employees, and develop processes, standards and rules that will guide them to implement projects successfully.

Our approach includes the following steps:

  1. We evaluate the existing approaches to Project Portfolio Management (type of organization, scale of projects, level of maturity).
  2. We select suitable software for the client. With the advent of cloud technologies, you can use any software and switch to another one if necessary. Using the software makes it possible to “feel” the system, correctly set requirements, and accumulate results in a single place.
  3. We jointly plan the client’s projects. At this stage, we dive deeper into the existing management processes, roles, and information flows. As a result, we get graphs that become the “fuel” to create a Project Management System.
  4. We develop visual reports and dashboards. We organize the collection of actual data from projects, configure the automatic release of reports, and automatic update of dashboards. From this point on, the client sees what is happening in their projects and makes the right decisions.
  5. We draw up the Project Management Regulations. We describe how to use and maintain the PM system, how to plan work, resources, and budgets properly, how to collect data, how to interpret report indicators for decision-making.
  6. We train personnel through the whole process. At each stage, we train client’s employees how to use software and templates, how to plan projects, what do regulations include, and how to develop reports.
  7. We do not stop there. After the main implementation, many customers ask: “So it was possible?”, and continue to develop their system. We help implement Portfolio and Program Management, Risk Management, Multi-resource Management, Knowledge Management, and other client tasks.

How do we differ from other Project Management consultants?

  1. Some offer only certain software that the client has to adjust to. Though it should be the opposite – the software has to be adjusted to the needs of the client. Such companies tend to be excellent at implementing and configuring software, but they do little to organize the Project Management process.
  2. Others offer consulting and training, and the development and implementation of the system are shifted to the client’s shoulders. They talk a lot about how to manage projects properly, but they don’t understand what to do with the resistance and inertia of the staff, how to introduce new approaches and processes, how to make sure that something new will take root and the employees would want to use it.
  3. And almost everyone uses the approach “Firstly we will describe the processes on paper, and then we will implement these processes”. And if it doesn’t work, then the client is to blame. It was his staff who didn’t accept our cool processes and tools. And so they move on to another client.

We implement Project Management Systems modularly, creating small intermediate deliverables. Each deliverable is created quickly enough and is relatively inexpensive, but it begins to work for the client immediately after creation. This approach has the following advantages:

  • Each deliverable represents a completed amount of work. This makes it possible to suspend the implementation if necessary. And at the same time, to get a tangible effect from the already implemented deliverables.
  • The implementation is based on the Project Management methodology, and at the same time, adapts flexibly to the individual needs of the client’s organization.
  • Since the service is modular, the client can choose not all, but only the deliverables he needs.
  • Such an approach allows the client to create a financing plan for the implementation of the PM system, taking into account the current financial capabilities of the organization.
  • The ability to change the existing approaches to Project Management gradually, as the company’s employees accept the implemented deliverables.

Before we start our cooperation and implementation of the PMS in your company, we will conduct a study on the level of maturity of the PM system to understand the requirements and tasks of your company.


Анатолий Савин / Anatolii Savin / PfMP, PMP, M.S.P.M., MCP
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