Summiting Mt. Kilimanjaro: A Project Management Case Study

Reaching almost twenty thousand feet high, Mount Kilimanjaro is the tallest point in Africa. In Swahili, Kilimanjaro is translated as the “Mountain of Greatness.” In 2000, my brother and I decided to climb this great mountain. We spent months preparing including understanding what we would need to summit, designing our approach, getting the right equipment and training for endurance. We then spent one week executing the plan up the mountain. Since these are the same steps required in managing any project, I decided to write a case study on Project Management best practices in the context of planning and executing our journey up the mountain.


Back in the early 1970s when I lived and worked in Switzerland, I joined the Swiss Alpine Club and spent several glorious summers moving from novice to intermediate climber. It turned out that mountain climbing was more to my taste than rock climbing; perhaps this was because there was more variety in mountain climbing which, after […]

Planning an expedition

Projects, hopes and resolutions jostled in my brain clamouring for attention. I could not wander from day to day. I had to plan. Peter Boardman, Mountaineer The start point of planning an expedition is simple. Initially you need three things: a piece of paper, a pencil and a quiet corner where no one will disturb you. […]