In our practice training, we use world-known personality testing systems which help our participants to know more about themselves and make well-weighted decisions, find the right approach in the future.

DISC Personal Profile Analysis

How does Wikipedia explain DISC?

Basic explanation

Personal Profile Analysis is registered by the British Society of Psychologists (BPS) and has been tested for compliance with the standards established by the European Committee for Tests and testing, which is part of the European Federation of Psychological Associations.

In order not to repeat information from Wikipedia and try to prove something we suggest you try it and make your opinion. Shortly, Personal Profile Analysis (PPA) it’s one of the reports which you receive after completing DISC testing.

PPA = Personal Profile Analysis.

DISC = Dominance, Inducement, Submission, Compliance.

  1. Dominance – focus on results, competition, determination, aggressiveness, strategic thinking.
  2. Influence – focus on communication, building relationships, friendship, emotion, optimism.
  3. Steadiness – focus on safety, consistency, stability, patience, gentleness, friendliness, sequence.
  4. Compliance – focus on logic, standards, self-discipline, accuracy, precision, practicality.

PPA gives answers to the following questions:

  • A description of how a person behaves in everyday life and how changes their behavior under pressure and in a stressful situation, what are its strengths job skills that can motivate an employee, what should be his ideal boss. Personal Profile Analysis can be represented in the form of three graphs depicting the image of the worker, his professional role and behavior in a stressful situation.
  • Includes a list of basic vocational behavioral requirements for a person occupying a certain position in the company.
  • Allows you to plan professional development and career. Using assessment identifies the strengths and weaknesses of staff competencies, identifies the main areas of activity, which are perfect to a person in his professional and behavioral characteristics. This allows you to prepare individual development plans and career planning.

DISC testing itself takes about 15-20 minutes and you will receive results.

How we use PPA in Project Management?

Every team member has a specific role in the project. And every role has some requirements.

There are no exact requirements for a Project Manager or Risk Manager or Developer. Based on organizational needs or exact project needs you should create the needed profile and find a suitable person for the created profile. For example, we have an urgent project with the extremely tough time frame. And we understand that we need PM which:

  • shouldn’t pay a lot of his attention to details;
  • be able to take risky decisions;
  • act VERY proactively;
  • And be very communicative;

I’ve created the above list in priority order. And based on these requirements I understand that I need PM with approximately the following PPA profile:

DISC PPA PM profile example