Develop Expedition Charter

Today we held a kick-off meeting of the #Kilimanjaring Project. We did it in accordance with PMBOK#6 because we are considering the test-drive of a new Body of Knowledge as the main value of our startup project. The first process “Develop Project Charter” was the basis of this meeting:

  • The input of this process is the Agreement, which I described in this post
  • To implement the process used “Facilitation Techniques”, a special case of which is a Kick-Off Meeting.
  • The Project Charter was issued at the output.

According to the new PMBOK, the Develop Project Charter is the process of developing a document that formally authorizes the existence of a project and provides the project manager with the authority to apply organizational resources to project activities. The role of Project Manager was assigned to Artem Stroganov.

A new project is always a big mass of uncertainty. The kick-off meeting and the project charter allow these uncertainties to be significantly reduced.

Record of our meeting (in Russian):

Preliminary Expedition Charter (in Russian):

To everyone who looks at the record of the meeting and reads the charter – tell us (in the comments below) your personal impressions of the Develop Project Charter process and the pros and cons that you found.

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