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15th-20th of September 2014 in Warsaw (Poland) Whitecom Project Experience together with our company performed training Expedition Project Management (which is based on Education-by-Expedition technology). The group in training spent the first 3 days in workshops studying project management processes, documents, and tools. As result, they prepared a micro-expedition to the Volovec mountaintop. On the 19th of September, the team reached the summit. This experience tested the skills they learned in the workshops and proved they have improved.

Day 1. Acquaintance (15.09.2014)

Project Constraints

The group in training was able to get familiar with each other and understand what each person wanted to get out of the training and then take on the ultimate challenge.

When the workshops began, Anatolii Savin took the envelope with the money and introduced himself as the project sponsor, and announced the objectives and constraints of the project:

  1. To reach the summit, a group of at least 8 people is required; once the group arrives at the summit, they must take a photo with a Whitecom company’s flag.
  2. To spend on training, transport, accommodation, and climb no more than 450 PLN per participant.
  3. Return from an expedition alive and well.
  4. Team members and a specified budget are the only resources for the project.
  5. All the preparation and implementation should take no more than 6 days.

The group held a kick-off meeting, which resulted in the Charter of the Expedition (the document can be downloaded).

The next step, of the group of people just met, it was necessary to create a team for the expedition. For everyone who registered for training, testing took place online on Thomas System.

Team PPAs

After discussion of the DISC behavioral models, presentation of each participant and profiling of each role necessary for Expedition, participants assigned roles and as result became REAL TEAM, where each team member used place he wanted and did role job with the greatest possible comfort and pleasure.

At the end of the first day of the team got access to cloud-based collaboration and project management tools. Everyone really enjoyed simultaneously edit the text, tables, and project schedule. When you clearly see who else is with you edit the file, and in which part — it impresses the uninitiated user.

Day 2. Project documents preparation (16.09.2015)

The team received the following three tasks:

  1. Definition of procurement and budget.
  2. Risk analysis and development of risk-response activities.
  3. Development of Expedition preparation and implementation schedule.

Workshop and collaboration

As the roles have been assigned, access to the system distributed, participants began brainstorming and completing workshop tasks by filing documents of the project.

Outcomes after the second day of the training (All documents can be downloaded):

  1. Expedition Procurement Plan.
  2. Risk register.
  3. Expedition schedule.

Moreover, the team managed to spend part of purchases during the preparation of, for example, to book accommodation in the mountains. For other procurement, each team member received a  personal list of what he needs to prepare and buy.

Day 3. The team came out to the field (17.09.2014)

The team came out “in the field”. Training participants walked at Warsaw, collected and bought the necessary things, equipment, ammunition and other resources.

And at the end of the day, the project manager held an online meeting «Go/No-Go Decision». Every team member confirmed his readiness, received every personal “Go/No-Go” opinion. As a result, one participant refused to participate in the expedition, citing illness, and the remaining 9 people decided to go.

Like everything in the proper management, this online meeting was recorded with the document “Go/No-Go Decision” (you can download it).

Day 4. Action plan and route (18.09.2014)

The team received a document from the trainer – Action Plan and Route (you can download), prepared on the basis of documents developed by the participants. Three cars started their way to the mountains from Warsaw in order to settle in the shelter at the foot of Volovets till the evening.

Day 5. To the TOP! (19.09.2014)

With no habit, not everyone can sleep in the room kind of “Barracks” equipped with 10 bunk beds and where about 20 persons trying to fall asleep 🙂 The result – a very early wake-up, waiting for breakfast … and the assault!

Way to the top was quite cheerfully. A hardships mountain hike gradually led the team to an understanding of where and what they have not considered.

On the mountain was a very strong wind, and shelter at the top really nowhere. Therefore, the fastest waited slowest team members, quickly unfurled flag, photographed and quickly began to descend back.

Mountaintop reached!

As the team managed to save the project budget, the evening was spent at a restaurant in Zakopane. Incited lessons learned of the project and give praise to the gods of Project Management. A few days later, Anatoly Savin designed the Lessons Learned in the form of the document and sent to all participants as a result of training and preparation, the expedition and a description of earned experience which couldn’t be drink away.

Day 6. Way back home (20.09.2014)

All participants safely returned to Warsaw. Alive and healthy, with new knowledge and experience, and most importantly, with self-confidence and the desire to implement their projects!

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